Everyone is our class has their very own blog at Kidblog.org. Take some time to read their blogs, and make some comments. Remember to be supportive and kind. Start a conversation by asking questions.

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Some of you have been receiving comments on your blogs from some kids from another school. They are 5th graders in Mrs. Huebner's class. They live in Sioux Center, which is in Northern Iowa. Let's visit their blogs and make some comments. Here is a link to their blog:


Being a Writer: Functional Writing. This is the kind of writing that we use in our every day lives. It might be directions of how to put a new book case together, or a recipe. Here are some Cooking blogs and websites. Pay special attention to the words they use to help you know what order to do things in. Notice how important math is in cooking. You have to understand fractions in order to make a yummy desert.

Family Fun

Nick, Jr.

Food Network

Cooking With Kids