American Stories

As Americans, we all have our own personal stories. Stories about memories of our family, places we have been, and times in our lives. This theme is about the lives, experiences, and contributions of Americans from a variety of backgrounds and generations.

Thomas and the Library Lady, by Pat Mora:

This story is about the childhood experiences of the writer, Tomas Rivera. When he was a child, he traveled from Texas to Iowa with his family, who were migrant farm workers. Through his love of reading, he later became a writer.

Read about the life of Tomas Rivera:

Tomas Rivera

Read about Pat Mora, the author of Thomas and the Library Lady:

Pat Mora

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Tanya's Reunion by Valerie Flournoy

Tanya travels with her Grandmother to the farm where her Grandmother grew up in the south. They are preparing for a large Family Reunion. At first Tanya is disappointed by the rundown house and farm. Read about author Valerie Flournoy:

Valerie Flournoy

Practice some of the vocabulary from this story.

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